Fans of Locomotive does not want the resignation Semin, but other than threats to players, do nothing Utkin disassembled situation

Fans of football club "Lokomotiv" Moscow opposed the resignation of coach Yuri Semin. Its position in the fans expressed their appeals to the players to the team, calling those to stand up for a mentor. Known commentator Vasily Utkin measures considered weak.  The resignation Semin, the fans of FC "Locomotive" and an ultimatum: Utkin addressed the fans criticism  Last night it was reported that fans of "locomotives" began to actively send messages to players of the team calling for public support is still acting coach, "Loco" Yuri Semin. According to "Sport-Express", part of the fans directly threatened with the termination of the players support and visit their games.  professional contract ends a little more than two weeks, but according citing insider Nobel Arustamyan, the club is going to send Semin retire in the next few days. In the "Locomotive" has prepared another position for 73-year-old coach of the Moscow club system.  But, apparently, fans of "railroad" Yuri Semin's candidacy interested only in his former post. It should be noted that at the moment, "locomotive" ranked second in the standings, RPL, having assets 41 points.  By the way, we have updated the UEFA coefficients table, where you can find all relevant information on our website.  On the news of the ultimatum ultras "Locomotive" responded commentator Vasily Utkin. In his telegrams channel football expert wrote their own opinions about the situation and appealed to fans.  Recently Utkin has already spoken of the "Locomotive", but this time under analysis commentator got the situation with salaries of players. More details can be found in our special article.  In its publication Utkin asked several questions relating to the causes of support Semin and inaction in this situation the fans themselves. The commentator said that fans of "Locomotive" did not organize any of the action on the Internet or pickets in the streets to express their support for Yuri Semin.  Utkin said that, given the lack of mass support for the coach in the framework of the law, the fans have nothing to threaten the players. After that, the commentator called their actions "whining on the Internet" and has called for proof of their wrongness.  Earlier, we wrote about the conflict with Vasily Utkin player Artyom Dzyuba.  See also: Expert Steve Bunce believes in the success of Mike Tyson in a fight against an opponent under age  See also: Conor McGregor and Dana White commented on the state of health of his father Habib Nurmagomedova  In social networks, our edition we have prepared for you more interesting material about the sport:  Facebook  In contact with  Twitter  YouTube

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